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Traditional B2B selling & digital media requires You to spend a ton of time & money looking for needles in a haystack. We just give you the needles if that's ok.


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Our Strategic Advantages

Find out what is most appealing to you right now. We will custom build an all-inclusive package

Own the Full Permanent Contact Record

No more anonyous cookie that is only temporary. You will own the full record that does not expire. Get the people now who are ready to crawl through glass to buy your product or service.

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Lower 1st Click Cost by 50-80%

In a recent strategy session showed how to go from $37.00 cpc to .28 cents. Imagine what that would do for your business. You are being held hostage currently by a powerful digital suppliers. You an stop it, Now.

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Eliminate BOT Fraud

Digital Security Experts estimate PPC BOT fraud is as high as 40% of Your adspend. It does not have to be that way any longer.

Take control of your adspend.

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Find out why and how Billion dollar companies use our services and technology.

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When you need to make a case for your business, we'll help you tell your story powerfully and persuasively. You can strategically now take control of google, facebook, linkedin, direct mail, outbound phone calls all without outrageous extra data charges. 

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Lower Your Cost of Acquisition 

Our techology and process utilizes artificial inteligence, machine learning and deep learning processing over 5 BILLION URL's a day. We are disrupting traditional media saving you time and money allowing you to Grow Profits.

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Know who is ready to buy a competitors product 

Not only can we tell you when a prospect or existing customer is ready to buy your product or service we can provide the same services and tech about your competiton. 

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Ultimate Growth Hack of 2022

If you already convert paid media we can help you grow. No other company in the world does what we do. Our tech is 3 years ahead of the curve.

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John Gallagher, Partner

Director of Client Services

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